Munster U16 Boys Update

The Munster u16 Head Coaches Andrew Whitaker and Simon Wolfe and management team have selected the following 21 players for the next phase of preparations for the Interpros:

Name School Club
Evan Bolster Midleton College Midleton HC
Matthew Carry Ashton School Midleton HC
Georóid Cashman Christians Brothers College Cork Midleton HC
Sean Curtin Midleton College Midleton HC
Sam Dale Bandon Grammar School Cork Harlequins
Darragh Daly Midleton College Cork Church of Ireland
Toby Edmondson Newtown School Waterford HC
Glen Gash Bandon Grammar School Bandon HC
Joe Glossop Ashton School Cork Harlequins
Callum Griffin Christians Brothers College Cork Cork Harlequins
Joshua Hamilton-Foott Bandon Grammar School Bandon HC
Harry Jackson Ashton School Cork Church of Ireland
Sean Landers Kinsale Community School Cork Harlequins
Zac Moloney Villiers School Limerick HC
Luka Novakovic Crescent Comprehensive Catholic Institute
Robert Olden Midleton College Midleton HC
David Persse (GK) Villiers School
Dylan Sandes Midleton College Midleton HC
Ronan Shire Villiers School Limerick HC
Eoghan Smyth (GK) Midleton College
James Young Ashton School Cork Harlequins
Team Management:
Co-Head Coach  Andrew Whittaker
Co-Head Coach  Simon Wolfe
GK/Asst. Coach  Peter Coulter
Team Manager  Hope Davidson