AGM Message

The Branch would like to express its thanks to all those that traveled to attend the AGM last night. We had 34 voters in attendance together with many others – we even needed to pull out more seats. The debates were largely positive and there were some great examples of the work that people are putting into their clubs throughout the province.

We do have a number of vacancies for the season ahead including Vice President, Designated Person, Head of Coaching & Development and 3 vacancies on the Competitions Committee. As mentioned last night, we particularly need people on the Competitions Committee for next season to start on time.

We also have 2 big events coming up this Summer. We have the Dutch men coming to Cork to play the Irish men on the 4th and 6th of July. We also have the U18 Europeans coming to Cork and will need upward of 50 volunteers to help run this tournament smoothly. The 13 people on the Branch cannot do this on their own. Please get in touch if you can help in any shape or form.

We would again like to thank everyone for their hard work this past season and we look forward to a busy Summer ahead followed closely by the 2016/17 season.